About Living Hope Church

Welcome to Living Hope

We’re so glad you’re taking time to read this intro and let us introduce you to Living Hope Church. We know it’s no accident that we have this opportunity. God’s perfect timing has brought us together for a reason.  Maybe you’re wondering if there are answers to life’s many questions; maybe you’re searching for a faith that’s genuine; or maybe you’re just looking for a new church home.  Whatever the case, we recognize this as a “God thing” and we welcome you!

This page should give you a good overview of who we are, what we believe and what we seek to be about.  But simply put, here at Living Hope Church, we’re real people who have found real answers, real power, real fellowship and real purpose in a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Real People Like You

At Living Hope Church, we’re real people like you.  We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but we’ve all experienced the hurts, mistakes and disappointments of life in this world. What binds us together is our shared belief that Jesus Christ has overcome the world and He can make us whole. We seek to be a church where real people encounter the real truths of God’s Word and are really changed!

Real Answers For Life

At Living Hope Church , we believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word that provides real answers for real world problems. Whatever the difficulty or issue, God has given us truth with which to address it in His Word. That’s why we make understanding and applying the message of the Bible a top priority. It’s when we really learn God’s Word and put it into practice in our lives that we find real and lasting solutions! 

Real Fellowship To Share

At Living Hope Church, we recognize the importance of caring Christian fellowship with one another. The last thing people need is to “bump shells” at church. They need real friendships that provide encouragement and support to them in their faith journey. That’s why pursue authentic fellowship in everything we do. You’ll find lots of open arms and caring hearts to welcome you. And not just on Sundays.  We’re family around here!

Real Power To Change

At Living Hope Church we’re not content to merely go through the motions of empty religious ritual. We know that authentic, Biblical Christianity is so much more than that! Jesus Christ died onthe cross for our sins and rose from the grave for our salvation. He has real power to forgive, cleanse, heal and transform anyone who comes to Him, no matter how deep the sin or stain. We seek to be a church where Christ’s divine power is believed and relied upon through the work of the Holy Spirit. Changed lives are our goal!

A Real Purpose To Live For

At Living Hope Church, we’re living with a mission. We’re Sharing the Living Hope of Jesus’ Love with people across the street and around the world. Through ministry efforts in our local community and missionary efforts overseas we’re working to help all people everywhere discover the blessings of a life-changing relationship with the King ofkings. We’re also working to prepare men and women for the King’s service through discipleship and practical outreach. Let us help you plug into sercing Him as well.  There’s simply no higher purpose in life!

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs agree with those of Bible-believing Christians everywhere. They center around the person of Jesus Christ, and are simply expressed in what’s known as “The Fourfold Gospel:”.

Christ Our Savior

Jesus saves us from the penalty of sin! He died on the cross and rose from the dead that all who believe on Him can be forgiven of their sins and inherit eternal life.

Christ our Sanctifier

Jesus saves us from the power of sin! He indwells all believers with the Holy Spirit through whom He transforms us toward holiness and provides power to live as God intends.

Christ Our Healer

Jesus has the power to heal! He made provision for our physical wholeness on the cross. Such healing is available to believers through faith and Prayer, as taught in the Scriptures.

Christ Our Coming King

Jesus is coming back! He will return to earth one day as King of kings and Lord of lords. He’ll claim His church and judge the world.

Our Affiliation

We are affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  The C&MA is an alliance of Christians and Missionaries working together to tell the world about the love of Jesus Christ. Started in 1887 under the leadership of Dr. A.B. Simpson, the C&MA has from it’s beginning been a Bible-based movement that draws together Christians from different backgrounds around a common commitment to spreading the Gospel. Today, we sponsor missionary efforts all over the world, with a total membership in the millions.